Free Antivirus

Antivirus software is used to find, remove or fix files that are infected with computer viruses. The most basic antivirus programs normally have several features to it, the memory resident scan, the system or file scan, and an automated updater. Some antivirus also works as Anti Trojan and Anti Spyware. Many more sophisticated programs have many other integration tools that loan in to your instant messengers, your e-mail software and many other programs.

Mostly internet users not use antivirus programs due to high costs or some users still use ancient version which they got free at the time of purchasing their computer. Well, but who told you to pay your hard earned cash for quality antivirus protection? At we set out on a mission to find you quality antivirus protection for which we are providing free antivirus.

This site is designed only to help the computer savvy people worldwide who’s PCs gets infected with virus. On this site you can find lot of information regarding virus and trojan also you can find some important tips which will help you to secure your computer from Virus, Spyware and Trojan. is the most trusted antivirus solution. Protect your PC 24 hours a day with it. Some of the features are:

It removes viruses automatically.
Protects your email & instant messages.
Gives protection against adware and spyware.
Detects Trojan.
Defends against emerging threats.
Scan your PC automatically.
Automatic file protection.
Hostile activity detection.
Free Antivirus helps you to stop identity and credit card theft by blocking access to sensitive files such as: financial records and personal data. And it also protects your PC against virus attacks, trojans, internet worms and other forms of malware. It scans and removes spyware, adware, leyloggers, browser hijackers and dialers on your PC.